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News About A7X

Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Owen Sullivan aka The Rev has been confirmed dead, dying on Monday of natural causes.
News of Jimmy Sullivan’s sudden death on Monday has left left family, friends and fans in shock tonight – many of whom are only learning of the news this morning. Sullivan is survived by wife Leana MacFadden aka Leana Silver and died at his home in South California.
Sullivan served as both singer and drummer for Avenged Sevenfold who achieved much fame and acclaim in 2005 with their City Of Evil album.
Reuters are reporting that “The Rev appeared to have died of natural causes, Huntington Beach police Lt. John Domingo told the Orange County Register. He was 28. The Orange County Coroner’s Office is investigating, the paper said.”
A statement on the band’s website reads: “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time. Jimmy you are forever in our hearts. We love you.”
The Rev was a co-founder of the band which started in 1999. As any reader of Metal Hammer will know the band became notorious for their drug-taking and other rock’n'roll pursuits, but have recently attempted to live down its reputation for debauchery. Reuters stated that “Sullivan, in particular, had raised eyebrows after a 2006 cover story in metal magazine Revolver described his penchant for cocaine and other drugs.”
Avenged were currently working on their latest album, due for release in 2010.

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News About Metalica

Christmas catastrophe – Hetfield style. James Hetfield has opened up and confessed to The Pulse Of Radio that his worst Christmas was when he discovered Father Christmas wasn’t real.
“The worst Christmas was discovering that there was no Santa,” he said. “You know, I had gotten up at whatever, one in the morning and walked out and saw my brothers carrying presents down to put under the tree, and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ And so that was, the St. Nick bubble was burst.”

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News About The Band

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Band Review

- Story Of Avenged Sevenfold

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Story Of Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold is an American rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1999. They are best known for their songs "Bat Country" from their 2005 album City of Evil, and "Almost Easy" from their self-titled album.

Band history

Inception (1999-2004)

The band was formed in 1999 in Huntington Beach, California with original members M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, The Rev and Matt Wendt. M Shadows came up with the name as a reference to the story of Cain and Abel from The Bible, although it is not a religious band.Upon its formation, each member of the band also took on a pseudonym which were already nicknames of theirs from high school. Before release their debut album, the band recorded two demos in 1999 and 2000. Avenged Sevenfold's debut album, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, was recorded when the band members were just eighteen years old and in high school. It was originally released on their first label,[clarification needed] Good Life Recordings in 2001. After lead guitarist Synyster Gates joined the band, at the end of 1999 when he was 18 at the introductory track "To End the Rapture" was re-recorded featuring a full band element. The album was subsequently re-released on Hopeless Records in 2002.
The band started to receive recognition, performing with bands such as Mushroomhead and Shadows Fall and playing on the Take Action Tour. Having settled on their fourth bassist, Johnny Christ, they released Waking the Fallen on Hopeless Records in August 2003. The band received profiles in Billboard and The Boston Globe, and played in the Vans Warped Tour.In 2004, Avenged Sevenfold toured again on the Vans Warped Tour and recorded a video for their song "Unholy Confessions" which went into rotation on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball. Shortly after the release of Waking the Fallen, Avenged Sevenfold left Hopeless Records and were signed to Warner Bros. Records.

City of Evil (2005–2007)

City of Evil, the band's third album and major label debut, was released on June 7, 2005 and debuted at #30 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling over 30,000 copies in its first week of release. It utilized a more epic, classic metal sound than Avenged Sevenfold's previous albums, which had been grouped into the metalcore genre. The album is also notable for the absence of screaming vocals; M. Shadows worked with vocal coach Ron Anderson—whose clients have included Axl Rose and Chris Cornell—for months before the album's release to achieve a sound that had "grit while still having the tone".
They returned to the Vans Warped Tour, this time headlining and then continued on their own "Cities of Evil Tour." In addition, their lead single "Bat Country" reached #2 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Charts, #6 on Billboard's Modern Rock Charts and the accompanying video made it to #1 on MTV's Total Request Live. Propelled by this success, the album sold well and became Avenged Sevenfold's first gold record.[clarification needed] They would go onto win "Best New Artist" at MTV's Video Music Awards, beating out artists like Rihanna, Panic at the Disco and Chris Brown.

Self-titled album (2007-2008)

Zacky Vengeance in 2007.
Avenged Sevenfold's mainstream success got them an invitation to 2006's Ozzfest tour on the main stage, alongside other well known hard rock and heavy metal acts DragonForce, Lacuna Coil, Hatebreed, Disturbed and System of a Down.[17] That same year they also completed a worldwide tour, including the US, The United Kingdom (as well as mainland Europe), Japan, Australia and New Zealand. After being on tour for sixteen months in promotion of City of Evil, the band announced that they were cancelling their Fall 2006 tour in favor of recording new music.[18] M. Shadows stated that their fourth studio album—which the band self-titled and self-produced—would not be a "City of Evil Part 2" or "Waking the Fallen Part 2," but would incorporate a new, grittier sound.[18][19] To tide the fans over in between albums, the band released their first DVD titled All Excess on July 17, 2007.[20] All Excess, which debuted as the #1 DVD in the USA, included live performances and backstage footage that spanned the band's eight year career. Two tribute albums, Strung Out on Avenged Sevenfold: Bat Wings and Broken Strings and Strung Out on Avenged Sevenfold: The String Tribute were also released in October 2007.
Avenged Sevenfold, the band's fourth album, was released on October 30, 2007, debuting at #4 on the Billboard 200 with over 90,000 copies sold.[21] Two singles, "Critical Acclaim" and "Almost Easy" were released prior to the album's debut. In December 2007, an animated video was made for "A Little Piece of Heaven." Due to the song's controversial subject matter, however, Warner Brothers only released it to registered MVI users over the internet. The third single, "Afterlife" and its video was released in January 2008. Their fourth single, "Dear God", was released on September 30, 2008. The self-titled album went onto sell over 500,000 copies and was awarded "Album of the Year" at the Kerrang! Awards.[22]

Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough (2008–2009)

Avenged Sevenfold headlined the 2008 Taste of Chaos tour with Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine, Blessthefall and Idiot Pilot.[23] They used the footage from their last show in Long Beach for Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough, a two-disc B-sides CD and live DVD which was released on September 16, 2008. They also recorded numerous covers, including Pantera's "Walk," Iron Maiden's "Flash of the Blade" and Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" (the first two of which were included on "Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough").[23][24][25] They will also be releasing a Guitar Tutorial DVD, which include the five tracks, Afterlife, Almost Easy, Bat Country, Beast and the Harlot and Trashed And Scattered, breaking down the guitar solos and riffs in each song.[26]
During a sold-out festival performance in Leeds and Reading, the band were forced to shorten their Leeds performance and cancel their Reading performance due to a vocal strain sustained by M. Shadows.[27] A few days later, the band was forced to announce the cancellation of the remaining September shows, with the tour set to resume again on October 15.[28]

New album and death of The Rev (2009-present)

In January 2009, M. Shadows confirmed that the band is writing the follow-up to their self-titled fourth album within the upcoming months.[29] They also announced that they will be playing at Rock on the Range, from May 16-17, 2009.[30] In April 16, they performed a version of Guns N' Roses' "It's So Easy" onstage with Slash, at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.[31] M. Shadows has also been confirmed to be a featured vocalist on Slash's forthcoming solo album Slash & Friends.
M. Shadows and the rest of the band has expressed interest in making a follow-up to their self-titled record. They announced that they plan to start writing in June 2009 and recording in October 2009. M. Shadows also said in an interview with Loveline that the next record would be a more classic metal, more rock-oriented record, since the self-titled record was very experimental. He also said it would feature more progressive, longer songs and would be the "biggest Avenged Sevenfold record ever." Additionally, he said they were possibly thinking about a concept record.
On July 15, 2009, their website and MySpace profile were updated with a statement from M. Shadows implying that work on the next album has started, but they are still "throwing around ideas". The update was on the same day that Waking the Fallen went Gold.
In an interview, M. Shadows has revealed that after the band will complete their tour with a final performance at the Sonisphere Festival on August 2, they will get in the studio to write and record a new studio album, a follow-up to their self-titled album.[32]
On November 5, 2009, Zacky Vengeance posted a message on the official website stating that they had returned from their tour and immediately started focusing on forming a production team in order to start recording the album. "We will continue finalizing our songs until we feel every note does both you as well as us justice. We are also in the final stages of solidifying our production team, studios and engineers so that the second the axe falls and the album is written we will spend day and night in the studio until it is complete. This album will definitely take you on a very dark journey..."
On December 28, 2009, drummer The Rev was found dead at his home at the age of 28, leaving behind a wife.[33] In a statement by the band, they expressed their grief over The Rev's loss and asked that his family's privacy be respected:
It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world's best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy's family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.[34]

Musical characteristics


Avenged Sevenfold's material spans multiple genres and has evolved over the band's ten year career. Initially, the band's debut album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet consisted almost entirely of metalcore sound; however, there were several deviations to this genre, most notably in "Streets" which adopts a punk style and "Warmness on the Soul," which is a piano-oriented ballad.[35] On Waking The Fallen, the band displayed a more refined and fluent metalcore album that was able to harness the rawness of the first album and add more mature and intricate musical elements. In the band's DVD All Excess, producer Andrew Mudrock explained this transition: "When I met the band after Sounding the Seventh Trumpet had come out before they had recorded Waking the Fallen, M. Shadows said to me 'This record is screaming. The record we want to make is going to be half-screaming half-singing. I don't want to scream anymore. And the record after that is going to be all singing.'" On City of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold's third album, the band chose to abandon the metalcore genre, developing a more hard rock style. Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled album, again, consists of several deviations to less consistent genres and styles from the album's main hard rock and heavy metal songs, most notably in "Dear God", which adopts a country style and "A Little Piece of Heaven", which includes elements of Broadway show tunes, using primarily brass instruments and stringed orchestra to take over most of the role of the lead and rhythm guitar. The band has changed considerably since its first album, which since then they have been characterized as a heavy band with screams and growls combined with clean vocals that one can expect from the metalcore genre.

Band name and lyrical content

The band's name is a reference to the Book of Genesis in the Bible - specifically Genesis 4:24, where Cain is sentenced to life in exile for murdering his brother. God marked him so that none would kill him on account of his sin; the man who dared to kill Cain would suffer "vengeance seven times over" (KJV)[36]. The abbreviation "A7X" for their band name was the idea of guitarist Zacky Vengeance. The title of Avenged Sevenfold's song "Chapter Four" refers to the fourth chapter of Genesis, in which the story of Cain and Abel takes place. The song's subject also appears to be this story. "Beast and the Harlot", yet another song derived from the Bible, comes from the Book of Revelation only it is written in the first person and refers to the punishment of Babylon the Great, world empire and seat of false religion. Another biblical reference occurs in the song "The Wicked End". In this song, several times it is said "dust the apple off, savor each bite, and deep inside you know Adam was right." making reference to Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Although the band's title and members' stage names make references to religion, Shadows stated in an interview that they are not a religious band. "Anyone that reads the lyrics and really knew anything about us, they would know we're not promoting either," he said. "That's one thing about this band that I love is that we never really shove any kind of, like, political or religious beliefs on people. We just, the music's there to entertain and maybe thought-provoking on both sides, but we don't try to, like, really shove anything down anyone's throat. There's too many bands that do that nowadays, I think."[37] The band has a few songs that are somewhat political in nature like "Critical Acclaim", "Gunslinger" and "Blinded In Chains". The song "Betrayed" off of their album "City of Evil" was written about "Dimebag" Darrel's, of Pantera and Damageplan, death.

The Deathbat

The band sports a logo known as the "Deathbat". It was originally designed by an artistic high school friend of Avenged Sevenfold, Micah Montague, as seen on the band's first DVD, All Excess. The Deathbat has appeared on all of the band's album covers, many of which were done by Cameron Rackam, a close friend of the band. The Deathbat has developed from just being a skull with bat wings, to sometimes appear as a full "man size" skeleton with bat wings, as it can be seen at the cover of City of Evil. On Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, there are pictures of two people (in which appear to be Cain and Abel), another angel-like human and a semi-opaque Deathbat below it, several Deathbats appear on the back cover of the album as well. The Deathbat also appears on covers of number of singles such as "Bat Country", "Warmness on the Soul" and "Critical Acclaim".

Band members

The band members occasionally play instruments other than their primary instruments listed below.

Current members

Former members
  • Matt Wendt – bass (1999–2000)
  • Justin Sane – bass, piano (2000–2001)
  • Dameon Ash – bass (2001–2002)
  • The Rev – drums, piano, backing vocals (1999–2009) (deceased)


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Download Musik As I Lay Dying Albums

Frail Words Collapse [2003]

Tracklist :

1. 94 Hours
2. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
3. Forever
4. Collision
5. Distance is Darkness
6. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier
7. Undefined
8. A Thousand Steps
9. The Beginning
10. Song 10
11. The Pain of Separation
12. Elegy

Genre: Metalcore

Download Album

An Ocean Between Us [2007]

Tracklist :

1. Separation
2. Nothing Left
3. An Ocean Between Us
4. Within Destruction
5. Forsaken
6. Comfort Betrays
7. I Never Wanted
8. Bury Us All
9. The Sound Of Truth
10. Departed
11. Wrath Upon Ourselves
12. This Is Who We Are

Genre: Metalcore

Download Album

American Tragedy [2002]

Tracklist :

01- Illusion
02- The Beginning
03- Reinvention
04- The Pain Of Separation
05- Forever
06- -
07- Choking On A Dream
08- World Intruded
09- Spite And Splinter
10- Porcelain
11- Moments And In Between

Genre : Metalcore / Hardcore

Download Album


Story Of As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying was formed in 1999 in San Diego, California but broke up in 2000 when vocalist Tim Lambesis moved to Texas to join the band Society's Finest. Tim left Society's Finest in 2001 and moved back to San Diego where he reformed the band which signed with Pluto Records and released their first full-length album, Beneath the Encasing of Ashes in June of 2001. In 2002, the band recorded additional songs for a split CD with American Tragedy, also released on Pluto Records. After extensive touring and a marked increase in popularity, As I Lay Dying signed with Metal Blade Records in early 2003. In July 2003, the band's second full-length album, Frail Words Collapse, was released and extensive touring with the likes of Himsa, Shadows Fall, The Black Dahlia Murder, By Nightfall, and other popular heavy music bands followed. In June 2005, the band released their third full-length CD Shadows Are Security as they went on the second stage of Ozzfest 2005.

In May 2006 both "Beneath the Encasing of Ashes" (which was recorded two months after the band started) and their split EP songs (with American Tragedy) were re-released through Metal Blade Records on one CD. The album contains the original and re-recordings of the songs from the split EP. The CD was released because the band preferred to rerelease it rather than have listeners pay large sums of money to hear their early EPs. The band most notably raised its profile in 2006 to that of a band on the verge of commercial success through their support slot on the Taste Of Chaos tour in the US alongside bands such as Deftones, Funeral For A Friend,Thrice and Story Of The Year. Reportedly, they befriended the members of Thrice.

Band members

Current members
Tim Lambesis - Vocals
Jordan Mancino - Drums
Phil Sgrosso - Guitar
Nick Hipa - Guitar
Clint Norris- Bass

Former members
Evan White - Guitar
Jasun Krebs - Guitar (Currently in A Midday Atlantic)
Brandon Hays - Guitar (Currently in Please Mr. Gravedigger)
Ruben Gutierrez - Guitar
Aaron Kennedy - Bass guitar
Todd Douglas - Bass guitar
Tommy Garcia - Bass guitar (Currently in Please Mr. Gravedigger)


Album Cover Date of Realese Title label
June 12, 2001 Beneath the Encasing of Ashes Pluto Records
June 18, 2002 As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy Pluto Records
July 1, 2003 Frail Words Collapse Metal Blade Records
July 14, 2005 Shadows Are Security Metal Blade Records
May 16, 2006 A Long March: The First Recordings Metal Blade Records
October 17, 2006 Shadows Are Security (Re-Release) Metal Blade Records

"94 Hours"
"Through Struggle"
"The Darkest Nights"

External links
Official website
As I Lay Dying at MySpace
Metal Blade Records
Pluto Records
As I Lay Dying Music Videos
As I Lay Dying at Firestream.net
Tim Lambesis interviewed by Highwire Daze (2006)
Tim Lambesis interviewed by Adam Carney
Ibanez Interview with Clint Norris
MSN group and message board


Download Musik Purgatory Albums

Purgatory Albums

01 Purgatory – Paranoia
02 Purgatory – Hipocrishit
03 Purgatory – M.O.G.S.A.W
04 Purgatory – Sanctimonious
05 Purgatory – Pathetic
06 Purgatory – Inside You

Download Album

By: Zabrix (undestroyer)

Download Musik Burgerkill Albums










Beyond Coma And Despair

Tracklist :


Story Of Purgatory

Purgatory adalah sebuah grup musik death metal asal Jakarta, grup musik ini dibentuk pada tahun 1994 oleh Lutfi sang gitaris bersama dengan adik kandungnya yaitu Al yang memainkan drum. Lirik yang dibawakan oleh Purgatory adalah berkisar tentang ajaran agama Islam, perang Uhud, siksa kubur, kematian, keputusasaan, kritik sosial yang bernuansa gelap, politik dan lain-lain.
Awal terbentuknya mereka sering membawakan lagu Obituary dan Sepultura. Baru sekitar tahun 2004 mereka memutuskan untuk menggunakan topeng dan penambahan personil seorang DJ, seperti halnya band asal Iowa Amerika yaitu Slipknot.
Pada awal terbentuknya band ini ditahun 1991 mereka hanya sekedar iseng, dengan beranggotakan 4 orang yaitu Al (bass), Lutfi (gitar), Michael (vokal), dan Bimo (drum) dgn warna musik crossover kemudian hanya bertahan selama 8 tahun. Sekitar 4-5 bulan Bimo sang drummer keluar dari band, kemudian drummer pun dicomot oleh posisi baru Al mantan pemain bass, yang juga masih adik kandung Lutfi.

Anggota terakhir

  • Lutfi/ L.T.F - Gitar
  • Al - Drum
  • Amor/ Madmor - gitar
  • Bone - Bass
  • Sandhie/ Sandman - Vokal
  • Anggy Khrisna/ D'Jackal - DJ/ Sampling/ Programming
  • Buday/ Badart - Gitar

Mantan anggota

  • Arief - Gitar (1992)
  • Hendri - Bas/ Vokal (1992 - 1994)
  • Erik - Gitar (1993)
  • Heila - Gitar (1994)
  • Bobby - Gitar (1994 - masuk kembali 1999)
  • Arie - Vokal (1995 - 2000)
  • Ilan -Bass (1998)
  • Ntie - Bass (2001 - 2004)
  • Bounty - Bass



  • Abyss Call (EP, 1994)
  • Metalik Klinik I kompilasi - (Rotorcorp Recs, 1998)
  • Ambang Kepunahan - (Rotorcorp Recs, 1999)
  • 7:172 Album - (Sony Music Indonesia, 2003)
  • Metaloblast kompilasi - (Morbid Noise Recs, 2004)
  • OST Gerbang 13 - (dE Recs 2005)
  • Revolution of Sounds kompilasi - (Sony Bmg Indonesia, 2005)
  • Planet Rock kompilasi - (Sony Bmg Indonesia, 2005)
  • The Art of Metal kompilasi - (Alfa Recs, 2006)
  • Beauty Lies Beneath - (Dragdown Records 2006)

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Story Of Burgerkill

Ini merupakan sebuah cerita pendek dari 12 tahun perjalanan karir bermusik dari sebuah band super keras yang telah menjadi fenomena di populasi musik keras khususnya di Indonesia. Burgerkill band asal Ujungberung, tempat orisinil tumbuh dan berkembangnya komunitas Death metal / Grindcore di daerah timur kota Bandung. Band lulusan scene Uber (Ujungberung) selalu dilengkapi gaya Stenografi Tribal dan musik agresif yang super cepat, Jasad, Forgotten, Disinfected, dan Infamy to name a few.

berdiri pada bulan Mei 1995 berawal dari Eben, scenester dari Jakarta yang pindah ke Bandung untuk melanjutkan sekolahnya. Dari sekolah itulah Eben bertemu dengan Ivan, Kimung, dan Dadan sebagai line-up pertamanya. Band ini memulai karirnya sebagai sebuah side project yang tidak punya juntrungan, just a bunch of metal kids jamming their axe-hard sambil menunggu band orisinilnya dapat panggilan manggung. Tapi tidak buat Eben, dia merasa bahwa band ini adalah hidupnya dan berusaha berfikir keras agar Burgerkill dapat diakui di komunitasnya. Ketika itu mereka lebih banyak mendapat job manggung di Jakarta melalui koneksi Hardcore friends Eben, dari situlah antusiasme masyarakat underground terhadap Burgerkill dimulai dan fenomena musik keras tanpa sadar telah lahir di Indonesia.

Walhasil line-up awal band ini pun tidak berjalan mulus, sederet nama musisi underground pernah masuk jajaran member Burgerkill sampai akhirnya tiba di line-up solid saat ini. Ketika dimulai tahun 1995 mereka hanya berpikir untuk manggung, pulang, latihan, manggung lagi dst. Tidak ada yang lain di benak mereka, tapi semuanya berubah ketika mereka berhasil merilis single pertamanya lewat underground phenomenon Richard Mutter yang merilis kompilasi cd band-band Bandung pada awal 1997. Nama lain seperti Full Of Hate, Puppen, dan Cherry Bombshell juga bercokol di kompilasi yang berjudul "Masaindahbangetsekalipisan" tersebut. Memang masa itu masa indah musik underground. Everything is new and new things stoked people! Tidak tanggung lagu Revolt! dari Burgerkill menjadi nomor pembuka di album yang terjual 1000 keping dalam waktu singkat ini.

Setelah mengenal nikmatnya menggarap rekaman, anak anak ini tidak pernah merasa ingin berhenti, dan pada akhir tahun 1997 mereka kembali ikut serta dalam kompilasi "Breathless" dengan menyertakan lagu "Offered Sucks" didalamnya. Awal tahun 1998 perjalanan mereka berlanjut dengan rilisan single Blank Proudness, pada kompilasi band-band Grindcore Ujungberung berjudul "Independent Rebel". Yang ketika itu dirilis oleh semua major label dengan distribusi luas di Indonesia dan juga di Malaysia. Setelah itu nama Burgerkill semakin banyak menghias concert flyers di seputar komunitas musik underground. The Antics went higher, semakin banyak fans berat menunggu kehadiran mereka diatas panggung. Burgerkill sang Hardcore Begundal!

Disekitar awal tahun 1999, mereka mendapat tawaran dari perusahaan rekaman independent Malaysia, Anak Liar Records yang berakhir dengan deal merilis album Three Ways Split bersama dengan band Infireal (Malaysia) dan Watch It Fall (Perancis). Hubungan dengan network underground di Malaysia dan Singapura berlanjut terus hingga sekarang. Burgerkill menjadi langganan cover zine independent di negara-negara tersebut dan berimbas dengan terus bertambahnya fans mereka dari negeri Jiran. Di tahun 2000, akhirnya Burgerkill berhasil merilis album perdana mereka dengan title "Dua Sisi" dan 5000 kaset yang di cetak oleh label indie asal Bandung, Riotic Records ludes habis dilahap penggemar fanatik yang sudah tidak sabar menunggu sejak lama. Di tahun yang sama, band ini juga merilis single "Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain" lewat kompilasi "Ticket To Ride", sebuah album yang benefitnya disumbangkan untuk pembangunan sebuah skatepark di kota Bandung.

Single terakhir menjadi sebuah jembatan ke era baru Burgerkill, dimana masa awal mereka lagu-lagu tercipta hasil dari pengaruh band-band Oldschool Hardcore, Name it: Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Sick of it All, Insted, Etc. Seiring dengan waktu, mereka mulai untuk membuka pengaruh lain. Masuklah pengaruh dari band band Modern Metal dan Newschool Hardcore dengan beat yang lebih cepat dan lebih agresif, selain itu juga riff-riff powerchord yang enerjik menjadi bagian kental pada lagu-lagu Burgerkill serta dilengkapi oleh fill-in gitar yang lebih menarik. Anak-anak ini memang tidak pernah puas dengan apa yang mereka hasilkan, mereka selalu ingin berbuat lebih dengan terus membuka diri pada pengaruh baru. Hampir semua format musik keras dilahap dan di interprestasikan kedalam lagu, demikianlah Burgerkill berkembang menjadi semakin terasah dan dewasa. Lagu demi lagu mereka kumpulkan untuk menjadi sebuah materi lengkap rilisan album kedua.

Beberapa Mainstream Achievement pun sempat mereka rasakan, salah satunya menjadi nominator Band Independent Terbaik ala majalah NewsMusik di tahun 2000. Awal tahun 2001 pun mereka berhasil melakukan kerjasama dengan sebuah perusahaan produk sport apparel asal Amerika: Puma yang selama 1 tahun mensupport setiap kali Burgerkill melakukan pementasan. Dan sejak Oktober 2002 sebuah produk clothing asal Australia: INSIGHT juga mensupport dalam setiap penampilan mereka.

Pertengahan Juni 2003, Burgerkill menjadi band Hardcore pertama di Indonesia yang menandatangani kontrak sebanyak 6 album dengan salah satu major label terbesar di negeri ini, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. Dan setelah itu akhir tahun 2003, Burgerkill berhasil merilis album kedua mereka dengan title "Berkarat". Lagu-lagu pada album ini jauh lebih progressif dan penuh dengan teknik yang lebih terasah dibandingkan album sebelumnya. Hampir tidak ada lagi nuansa straight forward dan moshpart sederhana ala band standard Hardcore yang tercermin dari single-single awal mereka. Pada sector vocal dengan tetap mengedepankan nuansa depresif dan kelam, karakter vocal Ivan sang vokalis Bengal lebih berani dimunculkan dengan penulisan bahasa pertiwi dan artikulasi kata yang lebih jelas. Dan di sector musik pun, Toto, Eben, Andris dan gitaris baru mereka Agung semakin berani menjelajahi daerah-daerah baru yang sebelumnya tidak pernah dijajaki kelompok musik keras manapun di Indonesia.

Sebuah kejutan hadir pada pertengahan tahun 2004, lewat album "Berkarat" Burgerkill masuk kedalam salahsatu nominasi dalam salah satu event Achievement musik terbesar di Indonesia "Ami Awards". Dan secara mengejutkan mereka berhasil menyabet award tahunan tersebut untuk kategori "Best Metal Production". Sebuah prestasi yang mungkin tidak pernah terlintas di benak mereka, dan bagi mereka hal tersebut merupakan sebuah tanggung jawab besar yang harus mereka buktikan melalui karya-karya mereka selanjutnya.

Di awal tahun 2005 di tengah kesibukan mereka mempersiapkan materi untuk album ketiga, Toto memutuskan untuk meninggalkan band yang telah selama 9 tahun dia bangun bersama. Namun kejadian ini tidak membuat anak-anak Burgerkill putus semangat, mereka kembali merombak formasinya dengan memindahkan Andris dari posisi Bass ke posisi Drums dan terus melanjutkan proses penulisan lagu dengan menggunakan additional bass player. Sejalan dengan selesainya penggarapan materi album ketiga, tepatnya November 2005, Burgerkill memutuskan kontrak kerjasama dengan Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia dikarenakan tidak adanya kesepakatan dalam pengerjaan proyek album ketiga. So guys...these kids always have a great spirit to keep blowing their power, dan akhirnya mereka sepakat untuk tetap merilis album ke-3 "Beyond Coma And Despair" di bawah label mereka sendiri Revolt! Records di pertengahan Agustus 2006. Album ketiga yang memiliki arti sangat dalam bagi semua personil Burgerkill baik secara sound, struktur, dan format musik yang mereka suguhkan sangat berbeda dengan dua album sebelumnya. Materi yang lebih berat, tegas, teknikal, dan berani mereka suguhkan dengan maksimal disetiap track-nya.

Namun tak ada gading yang tak patah, sebuah musibah terbesar dalam perjalanan karir mereka pun tak terelakan, Ivan sang vokalis akhirnya menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya ditengah-tengah proses peluncuran album baru mereka di akhir Juli 2006. Peradangan pada otaknya telah merenggut nyawa seorang ikon komunitas musik keras di Indonesia. Tanpa disadari semua penulisan lirik Ivan pada album ini seolah-olah mengindikasikan kondisi Ivan saat itu, dilengkapi alur cerita personal dan depresif yang terselubung sebagai tanda perjalanan akhir dari kehidupannya. "Beyond Coma And Despair" sebuah album persembahan terakhir bagi Ivan Scumbag yang selama ini telah menjadi seorang teman, sahabat, saudara yang penuh talenta dan dedikasi dengan disertai karakter karya yang mengagumkan. Burgerkill pun berduka, namun mereka tetap yakin untuk terus melanjutkan perjalanan karir bermusik yang sudah lebih dari 1 dekade mereka jalani, dan sudah tentu dengan menghadirkan seorang vokalis baru dalam tubuh mereka saat ini. Akhirnya setelah melewati proses Audisi Vokal, mereka menemukan Vicki sebagai Frontman baru untuk tahap berikutnya dalam perjalanan karir mereka.

Dan pada awal Januari 2007 mereka telah sukses menggelar serangkaian tour di kota-kota besar di Pulau Jawa dan Bali dalam rangka mempromosikan album baru mereka. Target penjualan tiket di setiap kota yang didatangi selalu mampu mereka tembus, dan juga ludesnya penjualan tiket di beberapa kota menandakan besarnya antusiasme masyarakat musik cadas di Indonesia terhadap penampilan Burgerkill. A written story just wouldn't enough, tunggu kejutan dan dengarkan album baru mereka, tonton konsernya dan rasakan sensai musik keras yang tak akan kamu lupakan...BURGERKILL HARDCORE BEGUNDAL IN YOUR FACE, WHATEVER!!!


  • “Dua Sisi” MC Album, Riotic Records, 2000
  • “Berkarat” MC & CD Album, Sony Music Ent. Indonesia, 2003
  • “Dua Sisi Repacked” MC & CD Album, Sony Music Ent. Indonesia, 2005
  • “Beyond Coma and Despair” MC & CD Album, Revolt! Records, 2006

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Lamb of God
Release Date: 2009 02 24
Running Time: 0:00
Label: Roadrunner

Lamb of God
Release Date: 2006 08 22
Label: Epic

Lamb of God
Release Date: 2005 12 13
Label: Epic

Lamb of God
Burn the Priest
Release Date: 2005
Label: Epic

Lamb of God
Ashes of the Wake
Release Date: 2004 08 31
Label: Epic

Lamb of God
As the Palaces Burn
Release Date: 2003 05 06
Label: Prosthetic

Lamb of God
New American Gospel
Release Date: 2000 09 26
Label: Roadrunner

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Band Review

- Story Of Lamb Of God

- Story Of Purgatory

- Story Of Burgerkill

- Story Of As I Lay Dying

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Story Of Lamb Of God

The roots of Lamb of God were planted in 1990 when Mark Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell were floor mates at Virginia Commonwealth University. The trio began playing at Adler's house in Richmond weathering chilly conditions. "There was no heat at the house," recalls Campbell. "We would freeze our asses off, get really drunk and hang around the kerosene heaters trying to write metal songs. Kerosene fumes and Black Label beer were definitely what fueled our early days."

After graduation, Morton moved to Chicago to pursue a master's degree, but the band continued. A new guitarist, Abe Spear, replaced Morton as the band retired its instrumental sound and added Blythe on vocals.

The quartet, known then as Burn the Priest, became a fixture in the tightly-knit Richmond music scene. To compete with the high-level of musicianship displayed by their contemporaries, the band adopted a rigid practice schedule. "To this day, we practice five days a week out of necessity," says Campbell. "The bands in Richmond can flat outplay you and if you don't practice, they will blow you off the stage. Bands like Breadwinner and Sliang Laos - two local math-metal bands - could play insanely complicated music note perfect. They inspired us to raise the bar musically and taught us the work ethic we needed to be a success."

The band was playing around Virginia when Morton moved back from Chicago and re-joined the group. Soon after, Burn the Priest released a self-titled full length album on Legion Records. Abe left soon after, which opened a spot for guitarist, and brother to Chris - Willie Adler.

A year after the second Adler joined, Burn the Priest changed its name to Lamb of God and signed a record deal with Prosthetic Records. The band's independent-debut, New American Gospel, was released in 2000. "This album was all about creating a rhythmic and pummeling musical landscape with riff after riff," explains Morton. Drummer Adler notes: ÒThis is a classic record. We had all the elements come together to make one of the heaviest, yet contagious records of our career. It was difficult to contain us - we didn't even understand at the time what we had created."

Two years of extensive touring to support the album raised profile before the band released the critically acclaimed, As The Palaces Burn (2003). ATPB won record of the year honors in such notable magazines as Revolver and Metal Hammer while garnering mainstream press in Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly.

The band hit the road again and began headlining tours across the globe. In the fall of 2003 Lamb of God was a co-headliner on the first ever MTV's Headbanger's Ball Tour which elevated Lamb of God beyond the underground. The band then released Terror and Hubris, a DVD featuring early live performances, videos for "Ruin" and "Black Label" and behind-the-scenes footage highlighting the work ethic, humility and sense of humor of one of the most respected and influential bands around today. The DVD proved to be a commercial success as it entered the Billboard Music DVD Charts at #32.

Gradually, Lamb of God's persistence paid off. Their 2003 disc, As The Palaces Burn earned them a new level of respect and admiration, but it was 2004's virulent major label debut (Epic Records) Ashes of the Wake that turned the band into true contenders for the metal throne. By mid 2006, the record had sold over 275,000 copies. Revolver magazine voted it the album of the year, a Guitar World readers poll deemed it best metal album and awarded the band "most valuable players," "best shredders" and "best riffs." The video for "Now You've Got Something to Die For" earned "best video" from both Headbanger's Ball and Revolver. And a DVD chronicling the tour and life on the road with the band, Killadelphia, has gone gold. Lamb of God supported Ashes with more relentless touring, now playing mostly arenas and festivals, starting with a headlining run on Second Stage at Ozzfest 2004, and ending by headlining the North American Sounds of The Undergroud Festival in 2005.

The political angst that fueled the lyrics on As The Palaces Burn continues unabated on Ashes of the Wake. However, Blythe admits that his plans to write songs about personal responsibility quickly changed. "Mark and I write most of the lyrics together, and at the start of this album we agreed that we wanted to concentrate on internal instead of external politics," he explains. "But as we got into it, considering the condition of the world today, we felt obligated as responsible artists to give accurate social commentary, and that meant writing a few indictments against the powers that be."

Mixing a call to arms with a sneering disdain balances Ashes of the Wake. "In the end, I think the album is stronger because we show the relation between internal and external politics instead of just focusing on one or the other," Blythe says. "These songs are a reality check for everyone because they rail against a wrong-headed government and against the apathetic people that ignore the government and allow it to exist."

After Ashes of the Wake, they had been praised as one of the leaders of the new American metal movement, and while they were flattered to be considered part of something so influential, this time they wanted to stand alone. "I believe it's important for us to create a legacy for this band, and I don't want that legacy to be in association with anyone else," Adler says. "In our minds, we're a cut above and we feel like we put out a whole lot more."

Towards the end of 2005, the band stopped all touring and came home to Richmond, VA, to begin writing the next chapter. An intense 8 month writing process followed. "We pretty much killed ourselves working on it five to six days a week for six to eight hours a day," says drummer Chris Adler. "It was important to push ourselves into uncomfortable territory as players. A lot of times one of us would say, 'I'm not sure if I can play that.' The typical response was, 'Well, you've got a year to figure it out.' We pushed ourselves to step it up and threw out a lot of decent material because we were insisting on only the best." One reason Lamb of God pushed so hard is because they wanted to create something that couldn't be classified, categorized or marginalized.

August 22, 2006 brought Sacrament, a stunning example of how diverse, articulate and pummeling metal can be. It's a record that emphasizes just how far the band members have come as players, writers and people and stands as a true testament of triumph over adversity. With Sacrament, Lamb of God has stoked the flames by stripping the flesh to the bone and examining the carnage. The songs are bleak and dark, yet key ingredients of a ride that's as breathless, exhilarating and terrifying as an overdose.

Guitarist and co-lyricist Mark Morton notes the band chose the name Sacrament based on a specific lyrical reference as well as a more general symbolic perspective. "We like it because it employs the idea of the traditional religious Sacrament, which is something you do as ritual to get to a different level of your faith," he says. "Also, I thought it was symbolic in terms of us putting out another record and getting to the next stage of our musical development." "This is definitely a personal record and it's the darkest thing we've ever done," adds Blythe. "It stems from a lot of depression and a fucked up worldview. In the last couple years I've been going through a lot of weird, bad shit."

The biggest difference between Sacrament and Ashes of the Wake is the lyrical content. In the past, Lamb of God has lyrically been motivated by the hypocrisy, greed and turmoil of politics and politicians. This time the band turned within to reveal an even greater source of despair and frustration.

Songs like 'Pathetic' and 'Descending' for instance are about the whirlpool of addiction and alcoholism, 'Walk With Me In Hell' addresses the destruction of codependency and 'Blacken the Cursed Sun' confronts suicidal depression.

"The lyrics were so intense for me, when I was recording, it was like breathing pain instead of breathing air," Blythe says. "So, when it was done, I couldn't listen to the record for another two months. It just took so much out of me to get all this stuff out, I didn't want to touch it right away."

In addition to being unbelievably heavy, Sacrament is a sincere expression of the turmoil that has tumbled through the last few years of the band's existence. In an era of stagnant, contrived metal, Lamb of God is a harrowing rush of honesty, a declaration that no matter what anyone else is playing, Lamb of God will always follow their own hearts.

"This band was started because no one out there was making the music that we wanted to hear," singer Randy Blythe says. "So, we decided to make that music, and from that point it has just been a continuation of that philosophy. We had never changed anything we do to appeal to anyone, appease anyone or seek any sort of approval from anyone other than ourselves."

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Download Musik Lamb Of God Albums


Tracklist :
1. The Passing
2. In Your Words
3. Set To Fail
4. Contractor
5. Fake Messiah
6. Grace
7. Broken Hands
8. Dead Seeds
9. Everything To Nothing
10. Choke Sermon
11. Reclamation

Genre: Metal / Rock / Thrash

Burn The Priest

Tracklist :
1. Bloodletting
2. Dimera
3. Resurrection #9
4. Goatfish
5. Salivation
6. Lies of Autumn
7. Chronic Auditory Hallucination
8. Suffering Bastard
9. Buckeye
10. Lame
11. Preaching to the Converted
12. Departure Hymn
13. Duane
14. Ruiner

Genre : Metal / Rock / Thrash

As the palaces burn

Tracklist :

1. Ruin
2. As The Palaces Burn
3. Purified
4. 11th Hour
5. For Your Malice
6. Boot Scraper
7. A Devil In God’s Country
8. In Defense of Our Good Name
9. Blood Junkie
10. Vigil

Genre: Metal / Rock / Thrash
Download Album

New American Gospel [2000]

Tracklist :
1. Black Label
2. Warning
3. In the Absence of the Sacred
4. Letter to the Unborn
5. Black Dahlia
6. Terror & Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard
7. Subtle Arts of Murder & Persuasion
8. Pariah
9. Confessional
10. O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.

Genre: Metal / Rock / Thrash

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